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vCluster Control Plane

This container contains an API server, controller manager, and a connection (or mount) of the data store. By default, vClusters uses sqlite as a data store and runs the API server and controller manager of k3s, which is a certified Kubernetes distribution and CNCF sandbox project. You can also use a different data stores, such as etcd, mysql or postgresql. You are also able to use another Kubernetes distribution as a backing virtual cluster, such as k0s or vanilla k8s.

Each vCluster has its own control plane consisting of:

  • Kubernetes API server (point your kubectl requests to this vCluster API server)
  • Data store (where the API stores all resources, real clusters run with etcd)
  • Controller Manager (creates pods objects in the data store according to replica number in ReplicaSets etc.)
  • (Optional) Scheduler (schedules workloads inside the virtual cluster. See scheduling for more info