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Quotas & Limits

To ensure a vCluster will not consume too many resources in the host cluster, you can use a single ResourceQuota in the namespace where the virtual cluster is running. This could look like:

apiVersion: v1
kind: ResourceQuota
name: vcluster-quota
cpu: "10"
memory: 20Gi
pods: "10"

This allows the vCluster and all of the pods deployed inside it to only consume up to 10 vCores, 20GB of memory or to have 10 pods at maximum. If you use a resource quota, you probably also want to use a LimitRange that makes sure that needed resources are defined for each pod. For example:

apiVersion: v1
kind: LimitRange
name: vcluster-limit-range
- default:
memory: 512Mi
cpu: "1"
memory: 128Mi
cpu: 100m
type: Container

This limit range would ensure that containers that do not set resources.requests and resources.limits would get appropriate limits set automatically.