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Multi-Namespace Mode

In this mode vCluster diverges from the architecture described previously. By default, all namespaced resources that need to be synced to the host cluster are created in the namespace where vCluster is installed. But in multi-namespace mode vCluster will create a namespace in the host cluster for each namespace in the virtual cluster. The namespace name is modified to avoid conflicts between multiple vCluster instances in the same host, but the synced namespaced resources are created with the same name as in the virtual cluster. To enable this mode use the following helm value:

enabled: true
This mode must be enabled during vCluster creation.

Enabling, or disabling, it on an existing vCluster instance will force it into an inconsistent state.

Alpha feature

Multi-namespace mode is currently in an alpha state. This is an advanced feature that requires more permissions in the host cluster, and as a result, it can potentially cause significant disruption in the host cluster.