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Upgrade vCluster to vCluster.Pro

1. Importing vCluster(s)

Existing vCluster

The following steps assume that you have existing Open-Source vClusters and you want to import and upgrade them to the Pro Distro. If you want to import OSS vClusters without upgrading to the Pro Distro, use the --disable-upgrade flag.

Import your existing OSS vCluster to vCluster.Pro using the following command:

vcluster import test-cluster --cluster "loft-cluster" --namespace vcluster-test-cluster --project "default"

Repeat the above step for all the vClusters you want to import to vCluster.Pro.

A more extensive guide on importing vClusters can be found here.

2. Upgrading OSS vClusters to Pro

If you've already imported your OSS vClusters using the --disable-upgrade flag, and then you want to upgrade to Pro, follow these steps in the vCluster.Pro UI to change the template of the vCluster to a Virtual Cluster Pro Template.

This can be done using the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the vCluster overview by selecting Projects field on the left menu bar
  2. Select the Virtual Clusters field on the left menu bar below the project name.
  3. Hover over the vCluster you want to upgrade and click on the button.
  4. Select a vCluster Pro template, by default there is one called `Virtual Cluster Pro Template` and click on .
  5. Once the template is changed, hover over the template name in the "Template" column and click on the button. (Alternatively if importing & upgrading multiple vClusters)