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Apps can be versioned. Versioning an App allows you to make changes over time to an App while retaining the current version/iteration. Apps that are deployed from a template with updated versions will show up with a warning indicating that a newer App version is available.

Creating a New App Version

You can add new versions to your App via the vCluster.Pro UI.

  1. Select the Templates field on the left menu bar.
  2. Click the Apps option on the templates pane.
  3. Find the App you would like to add a new version to in the list of Apps. Click the small drop down button next to the name of your desired App. From the drop down menu, click the Add A New Version button.
  4. In the pop up box, enter the new version string for your App. Once done, click the.
  5. In the drawer that appears from the right, make any modifications desired for your new App version.
  6. Click the button.
Semantic Versioning

While not strictly mandatory, you should follow standard semantic versioning practices for your App versioning. vCluster.Pro refers to the version numbers provided when determining whether to indicate if an App (or space/virtual cluster template) has a newer version available.

Updating An Installed App's Version

You can change the version of an installed App in a space, cluster, or virtual cluster to a newer (or older!) version in the vCluster.Pro UI.

  1. Select the Clusters field on the left menu bar.
  2. From the Clusters sub-menu, select the Clusters option.
  3. Find the cluster containing the App you would like ot upgrade, and click on that cluster.
  4. In the Cluster Management view, click the button.
  5. Find the App you would like to upgrade (or change the version of) in the list of installed Apps. Apps that are outdated (meaning deployed with a version less than the latest version of the App) will show up with Outdated in the status column.
  6. Either click on the Outdated button in the status column of your target App (if the App is outdated), or click on the small drop down button next to the App name and click on the button.
  7. From the App Version drop down box, select the desired target App Version.
  8. Click the button.