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Access Keys

Access Keys in vCluster.Pro are used for authentication to vCluster.Pro via the vCluster.Pro CLI, or by any HTTP utilities (i.e. curl). Access Keys can be generated by any vCluster.Pro user, the generated Access Key will provide the key's user with the same permissions as the user who generated the key.

Access Keys may optionally be scoped, that is, have their access limited to a particular cluster, and within that cluster particular namespace(s) or virtual clusters. This is a great option to use for keys generated for automated processes such as a CI pipeline.

Create an Access Key

  1. Select the Users field on the left menu bar.
  2. Click the Users button on the User Management screen.
  3. Find the user you would like to generate an Access Key for from the list of users. Click the user.
  4. In the User Access Key management screen click the button.
  5. In the drawer that appears from the right, give the Access Key a display name in theEnter a display name for this access key box.
  6. Optional If you'd like to limit the scope of the Access Key, expand theLimit Access Key Scope configuration section. In this section you can select the cluster(s), namespace(s), and virtual clusters of which to limit the Access Key scope to.
  7. Click the button.
  8. In the pop up window, make sure to copy the generated Access Key from the prompt as you will not be able to fetch this key again!
  9. Click the button.

Login via Access Key

You can use an access key to login to vCluster.Pro via the vCluster.Pro CLI:

vcluster pro login --access-key ACCESS_KEY